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18650 batteries are very widely used in todays electronic devices. We carry all NiteCore products for batteries because they have treated the owner Peter Roe very well for years now.

18650's are in flashlights, cell-phone portable batteries, drill batteries. They are the go-to battery for industry currently. They are available in a wide range of mAh and max Amps, the voltatage is however always the same at 3.7V.

If you have a high drain device like a big flashlight then it is worth it to get higher end 18650's. On the other hand if you are simply trying to power a raspberry pi or some LEDs, then the lower end would be fine.

The Amps can be thought of as how much power can leave the battery at one time, a trickle, .5Amps, or a flood, 4Amps.

mAh is completely different. mAh is the capacity of the battery, how much juice can it hold, simple as that.

Then finally Voltage, Voltage is amount of movement the battery can create, Voltage is a like Pressure in a water pipe. Voltage is how much power/force the flow can push with.

3.7 Volts is the standerd for all USB powered devices that is why all 18650's are made to 3.7V.


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