If it is broken we will fix it. Simple as checkers. There is no reason it should have broke. If you abused it then it still should be fine. If you abused it over and over every day maybe something could have broke. We don’t mean used something everyday, we mean miss-used something everyday. The nature of most of our products means they will not be used more then once or twice in your life, but we know people can get extremely creative with their use of tools. We didn’t want any of our products to break! Ever! Let’s make that completely clear. If it is broken now then don’t panic we can fix it.

Nothing in life is free, not even an EfficientFunction warrantee. You will need to pay to ship it too us. Or maybe you don’t need to. What you really need to do is fill out the form bellow describing what happened and, if you can, attach a picture of the item in it’s current state.

Someone will email you typically within 24 hours of your ticket.

Thank You,

EfficientFunction Staff.