Use your Noodle!

We are all adults here, if you decided to come to this page then there is something we need to talk about. The items on this site (some of them) can be used in horrible ways. Someone could presumably use a glass-breaker to beat to death an innocent puppy. I know that is horrible and gruesome. But so is life. 

That is probably why an honest person would want to have a weapon. Because we all know that there is evil, and people hurt other people all the time and there is nothing good people can do to stop violent people and animals except fight back! So that is why we sell things that can be used to ward off aggressive things that try to hurt you. Aggressive circumstances (car crash) Aggressive people (violent people) and Aggressive worrying (anxiety)

All that said, must we really tell you to USE TOOLS RESPONSIBLY. This is a no brainer to many, but let us elaborate. If you were to hold a welding torch to your arm, it would burn threw without any hint of hesitation. Same for if you hold a handgun to Watermelon and pull the trigger, the bullet will explode the melon without hesitation or permission. If you swing a glass breaker at something and it hits that thing, it will concentrate all the energy from the handle and your arm into one point sharper then a nail. Do not under any circumstances attempt to glass break anything that is not directly about to cause you physical harm 

That is all. We just want our customers to be Responsible and Mindful at all times. 

Thank you!
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